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The HS DIY Challenge + Blogger Collaboration: Fiber Wall Hangings Done 11 Gorgeous Ways

  Hi guys.  So excited to start a new chapter with Handmade Sanctuary.  We are doing a new DIY challenge collaboration each month.  We want to pick a project that we will be starting like newbies just like everyone else.  With a little help and encouragement from...
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3 Gorgeous Ways to Style an Outdoor Room (Part 2 of 2)

Take a look at this colorful, modern outdoor room!
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Three Gorgeous Ways To Style an Outdoor Room (Part 1 of 3)

Styling a room can be really fun and easy, as long as you have a good plan and a few tricks to help get you going. Today we are going to take a very brown, very boring indoor outdoor space and turn it into something really beautiful. For pictures of the stunning transformation, continue to the full article...
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July 4th DIY: Wood and Steel Wire Flag

Looking for a fun, patriotic DIY project just in time for 4th of July?   This wood and steel wire flag is surprisingly easy and makes a great one-of-a-kind art piece for your wall or table.  Give this a try - you will love the results! Plan It: Skill Level: Beginner...
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The BIG Kitchen Reveal! – One Room Challenge Week 6

Light and dark.  Matte and shiny.  White and wood.  Of all the major design elements, the one my eyes enjoy most is contrast.  Whether it’s texture, color, style or material, I love the drama that comes with matching two seemingly disparate elements in a pleasing...
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How to Have More Kitchen – One Room Challenge Week 5

Is it me, or does everyone want a little more kitchen?   I don't think I've ever heard a homeowner say that their kitchen was just too big for their liking.  Given that the kitchen is where all the fun takes place, can we ever really have enough?  If you don't think...
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Working With Wood (When You Are Not a Woodworker) – One Room Challenge Week 4

For my kitchen island, I wanted walnut doors.  The problem is that real walnut doors are expensive and were completely out of my kitchen budget.  Because I'm discerning (or just picky if you ask my husband), "walnut-look" or veneer doors were totally out of the...
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The Shelves Are In! One Room Challenge Week 3

Even though this One Room Challenge is truly challenging, I am so happy that it is making me get my lazy bum into action.  The tiles in all but one small section are done and I really, really wanted to get these shelves going, so I decided to take a detour and get...
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Miles of Tile
One Room Challenge w/ Calling it Home & House Beautiful Magazine – Week 2

So.... we were total latecomers to this One Room Challenge phenomenon but didn't want to wait six months to get involved with this fantastic event, so we are approaching this thing in a slightly different way than the other contestants (and by slightly I mean totally...
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How to Make Fake Food Props for Staging & Home Photography

In the world of home staging, there are time scheduling conflicts.  If you have ever prepared for a home photoshoot with expensive food to display and photograph, only to find out that the shoot needs to be pushed back a few days after you've already purchased your...
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